Wild Horses in the Wild West! – Paint With Gunpowder

Wild Horses in the Wild West!

Every piece begins the same way. All my work is done freehand, no sketching on the canvas prior to laying the powder down. Just pour it out where it makes sense and go from there. I can tell you a lot of the time if it doesn't make sense at that point I'll just start over.


Many of my pieces are inspired by what I see in my every day life in Wyoming. Not sure if you know that Wyoming is home to the nation's second largest wild horse population but I must say that is a pretty cool fact.


Horses are a major love for many people, wild or not they hold a dear spot in the heart of many humans that get to either grow up with them or grow old with them. Their immense stature and gentle ways seep into your heart and grab ahold hard. 


Their way of communicating forces you to let your guard down and learn from them in ways they can only set free within you. This piece called "Unbridled Devotion" encompasses the passion and force that horses embody each day. A moment in time where they take a break to acknowledge one another.


Eyes are the source of life in art. They portray the emotion and feelings so it's crucial for me to get it right. With this medium it can be a difficult task but I love a challenge.

To see the entire process of making this piece and the final burn check it out here. This piece is currently available. Please email me if you are interested in calling this one yours.


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