Squaw Valley on Fire! – Paint With Gunpowder

Squaw Valley on Fire!

At the beginning of June I had the great pleasure of going to Squaw Valley California for the BF Goodrich's Terrain Takeover Event launching their new KM3 mud tire.


BF Goodrich brought in media influencers, athletes and dealers from all over the country and world to check out and experience the KM3 tires on the Rubicon Trail. 

This event being nothing short of spectacular had crews checking out the vehicles up close and personal at the welcoming party. Each wave of people coming into Squaw Valley witnessed the creation of the Terrain Takeover Logo in gunpowder and they got a front row seat to the gunpowder piece on fire.

The second day of each event the attendees caught a heli ride from the golf course at the Resort at Squaw Creek to the top of the mountain to start there personal trek across the Rubicon Trail in decked out Jeeps, Trucks, Rock Crawlers/Racing Vehicles and RZRs.

The crew that put this event on was impressive and such a joy to work with, I couldn't have asked for a nicer group of people to spend 10 days with. Jackson Marketing was the crew that set me up with BF Goodrich and when they say they are family they are not kidding. The camaraderie within this group was really fun to be around. Each person there showed such love for the company they were apart of in all aspects. It's great to see that there are still companies that have such loyalty to their brand and product.

 There were five waves of people attending and that required I perfect their logo as each event passed. Each piece burned a little bit different, depending on the wood panel canvas and how the gunpowder burned each time. You can tell where the uniqueness showed up in each piece. I hope they find loving homes at the BFG Headquarters.

So without further adieu I would like to present all the fun footage that was taken from many different people and angles of the event and my burns! Enjoy!



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