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Outrageous Acts of Science Oh My!

Marco Polo

A while back the producers of a TV show called Outrageous Acts of Science reached out and asked if they could feature my artwork and use some of my footage for an episode of their show. A couple weeks ago I got the email that the episode would be aired that day! My artwork and process is featured in Episode 3 called "Owned It". Out of the 20 spots they filled, I got to call #10 my own.

The footage that inspired the TV show to choose me for one of their spots was none other than "Marco Polo." This is one of my largest and most detailed pieces to date. The burn video shows the balance of fire spreading across the skull and all of the many hours I put into this piece.

Over the last couple years, I have gotten a few requests from people that want to use my footage on their own social media channels, shows, and news sites. This was a request that I was happy to be involved with for sure.

You can watch the entire episode here:  



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