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New Year, New Art!



Happy New Year to you all even if January is almost over, yikes! I hope 2019 is treating you well!

I am happy to report that the end of 2018 was extremely exciting and full of traveling and new commission pieces to create before the holidays. Ending the year on a good note is always a plus.

New work in the pipeline is always exciting for me and I love getting inspired by the animals that call my backyard home during the winter months.

Living in Jackson Hole has afforded me the time and the space to have these magnificent animals wander through my yard on a daily basis and what better way to celebrate them than to create them with gunpowder and watch the image burn into the canvas forever marking their presence. 

A herd of whitetail deer have made our neighborhood their place of choice this winter and it is exciting to watch them explore the area while calling our yard their home most of the day. This piece called "Sixes" gives you an idea of how they bed down in our yard for extended periods of time.

If you've been to Jackson before you probably know about the National Elk Refuge. During the winter it is home to several thousand elk that migrate from their summer range to avoid the harsh conditions in the mountains. It really is quite a sight if you've never seen it before. The bulls all tend to herd together and this piece is inspired by those tough critters.

Here is the creation process of this piece and the final burn. You can watch as I create half of the piece and then decided to erase it all and re-create it. The spacing can be tricky so if something doesn't look right to me the piece will need to be re-done and a ton of work and time gets erased just like that. Yes frustrating but my patience is used fully with something as fragile as little pellets of gunpowder.

"Sixes"      24" x 48"      Gallery Wrap Canvas
Available (Email me for pricing)

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