Logos, Logos and more Logos! – Paint With Gunpowder

Logos, Logos and more Logos!

In the last few years I have been approached by people to recreate their logo into gunpowder art. Seeing your business logo, ranch brand or signature up in flames can be exciting and a great way to highlight your business.

I currently just finished up a logo for a business in Texas called Best Shot Range. The logo normally being red and black got a new gunpowder sheen. The bullseye was a bit tricky with the dimensions and lettering going through it but with a little patience and time I was able to create it. Creating the outline of Texas was also a test to my patience but it came out accurate and I am happy with the piece.

Working with wood also creates a little easier surface to push the gunpowder pellets around on. With a normal fabric wrapped canvas things can go south quickly if I push a little too much gunpowder around too quickly. Sometimes I'm amazed with my luck on different pieces as I have come so close to completely destroying them but in the end I'm able to let out a very big sigh of relief!


When an opportunity came about last year to create a large logo for a competition my brother-in-law was in for a SEO Mastermind, I couldn't say no. With all the details in place, such as a professional videographer and photographer, as well as an editing crew to make the footage look extra cool, I set about creating this unique logo for Kotton Grammer Internet Media.

Logos comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and detail. This particular logo was fairly simple but took quite a bit of measuring to get an accurate representation.

I have included both my footage as well as the professional video of the piece below. If you are ever interested in getting your logo done in gunpowder, shoot me an email (pun intended :-)).

Thanks for watching and enjoy!

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