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Local Spot to Find Gunpowder Art

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Last fall I had the pleasure of hanging up six pieces of my artwork in a restaurant in Jackson Hole called Local. Being born and raised in Jackson, WY I resonate with businesses that serve beef raised right here in the valley. Local not only serves grassfed beef from Lockhart Cattle Company, which is owned by another Jackson native that I'm good friends with and went to school with, but also supports hanging wildlife artwork in their beautiful space.

If you have the pleasure of stopping in Jackson and finding yourself at Local, you will find two of my larger pieces hanging as you enter the establishment. These pieces mirror each other in the entry and have "conversations with each other" on a daily basis I am sure of it.

“Draw Me Like One Of Your Wyoming Girls” (30 x 40) On Canvas

The inspiration for this piece literally came walking up to my office window one day at work. She demanded my attention and she certainly got it. My day job's location sits in a migration corridor in Jackson. Deer cross the road right outside my window all winter long, snacking on anything they can find.

“Night Patrol” (30 x 40) On Canvas

This piece was inspired from the many gorgeous owls that find themselves on the property I call home in the valley. They certainly make their presence known and will hang out for a bit, scouring the field for any tasty treats.

The four other pieces that grace the bar area above the booths are slightly smaller and are all done on wood canvases. By the amount of traffic Local has on any given day, I am sure these characters have some stories to tell by now.

“Someone’s Tired” (24 x 30) On Wood

This cute little guy happened to make himself present on my canvas awhile back. This portrait caught him in the middle of a snooze.

“Raven #2” (20 x 30) On Wood    


The first piece is a sequel to my original piece cleverly named “Raven.” You can see the original piece's progress here in the second photo. Raven #2 is in flight this time and the amount of detail and gunpowder on this one were really fun to create.

“Branded Wyoming” (24 x 24) On Wood

This is a piece I created depicting a scene I think of when thinking of home. Obviously I branded the bison with a small Grand Teton style tattoo and placed him with our infamous sage brush and Cottonwood Tree.

“Speed Goat” (24 x 30) On Wood

This is certainly my depiction of an antelope’s portrait. These beautiful creatures are fast and they are built for speed. Each fall I have the joy of camping out in the wilderness with them.

Stop By

So if you are in the neighborhood and need to recharge, stop by Local and grab yourself some delicious food and check out my artwork up on the walls, all six pieces are available. 



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