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Lazy Gunpowder Animals, Bringing Back The Small Series

Last May our daughter graced us with her presence a couple weeks ahead of schedule and with her grand entrance my art took a back seat for a chunk of time. I started to feel quite lazy with my art and I wanted the next art series I did to reflect that laziness.

I decided to focus on smaller canvases for each animal I did in this "Not Right Now" series with the largest piece being 12" x 16". I also decided to do sketches for this series, normally I just go for it and hope for the best.

I started with a fox I ended up calling "Nope". This guy was my answer when I tried to motivate myself to get in the studio. With so much going on at home it was hard to focus on art.

Next up in my mini series was a grizzly bear I called "Can't You See I'm Busy". Even grizzly bears have off days and this guy was no exception. These pieces were fun to do because there is not a ton of detail to it but they get the point across very easily. "I am tired, leave me alone, but I am still cute too." 

Third in the series was another bear called "Can't You See I'm Busy Too." Both myself and this guy were having that nagging feeling that we were just not doing enough, but maybe if we just turn our backs on it, it'll go away. Ha ha yeah right! The only thing to do is address it and get back to work. I promise the feeling of accomplishment is far better!

I always begin each piece the same way, piles of gunpowder and big foam brushes.

The fourth and final piece is a lazy cougar. I believe these creatures have an insane amount of energy but man they can relax too. This piece "Just A Break" is the largest in the small series and it is the only one available left.


You can find this piece on my website here. "Just A Break" 12" x 16" $400. Email me at if you are interested.


I am planning on doing another small series coming up soon. With any luck I will be inspired by some other aspect of my life and project it onto the animals that I love!

Watch the full process of "Can't You See I'm Busy" here. Enjoy!


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