Gin And Juice...Nope Gin And Gunpowder – Paint With Gunpowder

Gin And Juice...Nope Gin And Gunpowder

Last year Palm Bay International reached out to me about doing a gunpowder piece of their Gunpowder Gin Bottle. I knew it would be a very intricate piece but I was up for the challenge.

I have to admit, once I started working on the piece, I got a little overwhelmed at the amount of time it was taking me to create the lettering on the label. Not ever writing in calligraphy doing it with gunpowder was a whole other battle.  

Working in the medium of gunpowder can be stressful for sure. Any wind, bugs, a slight bump of the canvas can ruin hours of hard work.

Hours into this piece I was using my small brushes to create the letters when a tiny bug decided to grace me with his presence. He proceeded to walk across my canvas moving gunpowder pellets with every step. Not happy with this predicament I had to patiently wait until he decided to fly away and then fix his path of destruction!

Over 70 hours later, the piece was ready to burn and man was I happy when the last flame flickered out and it was forever singed onto the canvas.

Their specialty gin is made with gunpowder tea and exotic oriental botanicals. The beautiful bottle is a work of art in itself and the detail that has gone into the label alone is impressive.

Watch the process of making this piece here. Enjoy!



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