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Gunpowder Art in 60 Seconds!

Back in June of last year 60 Second Docs came to Jackson to take some footage me, my gunpowder art, behind the scenes in my studio (a.k.a. my garage) and my lifestyle in my hometown. While they got some great footage of me in my studio, they also got to see the background I call home. 

The Jackson Hole Valley is such an incredible place to call home. No matter what season it is there is inspiration everywhere. Many artists call this valley home because of the constant inspiration all around.

My family has a long history in this valley and growing up with my two brothers we got to experience the great outdoors all of the time. Whether we were hiking in the hills, fishing the rivers or camping on the lake we took every opportunity to be outside with nature.

Animals have always been a true inspiration to me. Most of my gunpowder art depicts animals I get to see on a regular basis. We live in wild country and I want to convey that in my artwork.

To see the whole video check it out here.

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