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Gunpowder Art Saving Animals!

I had the pleasure of teaming up with Animal Adoption Center and Lens And Leash this last weekend for their benefit called New Leash On Life at the Snake River Ranch. As a sponsor of the event I donated an original piece to their live auction. The month prior to the event, my piece called "Paint Me Like One of Your Wyoming Girls" hung in the Animal Adoption Center located in down town Jackson for people to check out. 

The Animal Adoption Center does an insane job of rehabilitating animals in need and getting them matched up with the right home for both adopter and the pup or kitty. They arrange fosters to take the animals each night or for a set amount of time to help the animal get acquainted with other animals, children and better adjusted for a new home.

These animals have been brought from all over the country because they have a much better chance at getting adopted quickly here in Jackson versus a city that is overpopulated.

I am happy to say that the event was a big hit and the Animal Adoption Center raised a ton of money for an incredible cause. The money raised by my art piece will go directly into the medical fund to help animals that need surgery and other types of medical needs so they can then find their forever loving homes.

Here is the video showing how the piece was made and information on the animals that have been helped by this fund. Enjoy!


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