Burning Bears for JH Food & Wine Summer Festival – Paint With Gunpowder

Burning Bears for JH Food & Wine Summer Festival

Last summer I had the pleasure of partnering up with Jackson Hole Food & Wine and one of their sponsors Grace Home Design for their summer festival event. This is a four day event that features amazing chefs, great food, incredible vineyards and wine and one incredible backdrop, the Grand Tetons. They decided to bring in two local artists to do live demonstrations for their Dinner Series night and I was honored to be one of those artists featured.



The backdrop for my live demo wasn't too shabby for sure and the event went off without a hitch. People that attended the dinner series enjoyed watching me create the infamous Grizzly Mama Bear named #399 and her three cubs that evening.

The owner of the home was a little nervous for the lighting of the art piece but I encouraged her to light it herself. Her house was currently on the market and she had an image of her newly built home going up in flames. I promised her that it was perfectly safe to light it and that her sprinkler system would not go off. Not 100% sure I crossed my fingers and prayed the flames would not get too high.

Although live events and demos are stressful it is so much fun to have people see how a piece is made in person. The videos I create of most of my pieces show the process but it is rare to get to see it live. I hope to do more live demos in the future and hope to see your smiling faces through the flames at the next one!

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